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30.03.2017 | HR Tech startup Mobilehead receives seven-figure investment

Frankfurt-based HR Tech startup Mobilehead, founded in 2015, has received a seven-figure investment from the former founders and managing directors of YOURCAREERGROUP, Arne Lorenzen and Manuel Konen.

Mobilehead Holding GmbH develops digital, mobile job and recruiting platforms, each tailored to a specific professional service sector, for example the legal market. Compared to other online job boards the Mobilehead platforms offer jobspecific information and matching filters for applicants and employers and match suitable candidates and company vacancies in real time. In addition, the applicants are participating in the placement fee that is charged by Mobilehead.

Job candidates can sign up via smartphone to find their next career step. For candidates it is an easy-to-use, anonymous mobile experience. Candidates are suggested job options that fit their profile perfectly and receive requests from interested employers. With a “thumbs up” they can easily apply for a job. For companies looking for professionals and executives, the Mobilehead platforms are digital recruiting tools with a risk-free, fully success-based pricing model. A placement fee is only charged after a successful placement, with a rate below those of classical HR consultants and headhunters.

With its qualitative approach of a digital and mobile recruiting solution, the focus on a single industry per platform and the consideration of career paths in each platform, as well as the job specific application and recruitment criteria, Mobilehead distincts itself from the quantitative solutions available on the market, such as online job search engines, but also from traditional HR consultants and headhunters, offering a more efficient, cost-effective and more transparent way to a successful placement. Mobilehead pursues a “mobile first” approach and thus meets the current trend for job search on the smartphone.

The founders Dr. Clemens Reichel, Samuel Ju and Fabian Schebanek launchedthe first mobilehead platform Legalhead at the end of 2015. Since then more than 60 top law firms have already partnered with Legalhead. In spring of 2016, the publishing company Dr. Otto Schmidt invested in Legalhead.

Mobilehead’s new investors, Arne Lorenzen and Manuel Konen, sold their company, YOURCAREERGROUP, to Stepstone (Axel Springer) in 2013.

“Arne Lorenzen and Manuel Konen founded companies in the HR sector themselves, successfully built them up and sold them. We are not just happy about their investment, but also looking forward to a fruitful strategic exchange”, say the Mobilehead founders Dr. Clemens Reichel and Samuel Ju. “With this investment in the next months we will develop and launch several digital recruiting platforms for other industries with strong partners,” says Fabian Schebanek, CTO at Mobilehead.

“We are delighted to support the excellent startup team, which has the potential to set a new standard in the digitization of recruitment with an innovative HR Tech solution,” says Arne Lorenzen.

In 2017, several Mobilehead platforms will be launched in the field of professional services. The startup, which is located in Frankfurt’s TechQuartier since the beginning of this year, will expand the team in the areas of software development, sales and marketing.