Case study

Jobs for lawyers

More than 5000 lawyers in Germany will use Legalhead by the end of 2018. More than 100 lawyers join the platform every month. We work with many of the biggest and best national and international law firms.

Jobs for hoteliers

We cooperate with Konen and Lorenzen Recruitment Consultants, a company with many years of experience and a strong network within the hotel industry. Hotelhead is our fastest growing platform - so far.


Mandates for Interim Manager.

Interimhead targets interim managers and companies that need to staff senior management positions as fast as possible.

Job search for tax consultants and financial auditors.

Taxhead is made for companies like the big four, for freelance tax consultants and for tax consultancies big and small.

Job search for doctors.

Medihead launched in April 2018 is currently going to market.